Christchurch Hagley Park

Christchurch Matches Festival - Te Waka Humarie

Christchurch Hagley Park

Christchurch Matches Festival - Te Waka Humarie

April 19, 2024

A Sports Extravaganza Brought to You by:

High School Old Boys' Rugby Club

North Hagley Community, Sport and Recreational Trust

Total Sports Tours and Events

About the Event

2025 Dates: Friday April 18 Sunday April 20
2026 Dates: Friday April 10 Saturday April 12
This annual rugby festival is exclusively designed for U15 boys and U16 girls, bringing together teams from around the globe. Special tour packages are available for international teams, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

Te Waka Hūmārie - Growing Together

Te waka hūmārie embodies the spirit of growing together, understood and shared by all. The festival's essence lies in unity, where all participants sail in the same waka (canoe). The hūmārie (spirit) of this event is cultivated through qualities such as graciousness, humility, willingness, and support. The display of these virtues enhances the integrity of every participant. The Festival's symbolic representation encapsulates these four key qualities.


This was our first time playing in the Matches Festival. It was an excellent experience for all concerned. Great games, great park, great refs and great opposition. We also like the infusion of the theme throughout the event and it was nicely weaved into the celebration at the end. I would definitely recommend this experience for any teams interested. Our tour package also included an extra game after the festival, which was also outstanding. The balance of rugby, awesome activities and downtime was just right. We got tons of game time, had some first class coaching and met All Blacks. We couldn't have asked for a better way to start our season. Rob Strachan - Coach and Tour Organiser - Maitland Rugby Club. Hunter Valley NSW

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